Top 4 Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of E-commerce!

The article sheds light on top trends which are shaping the digital commerce in India.
Top 4 Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of E-commerce!
E-tailing: FMCG is the highest growth potential category while mobiles and large appliances have fairly higher penetration
The e-tailing industry currently has the highest penetration of mobile and large appliances. This is driven by behaviour of users buying standardized products with reliable delivery experience. FMCG which currently has the lowest penetration is a key growth category for the players and is expected to have a higher growth in 2018.
New Aggregators: More than 70% of the Consumers of News Aggregators apps use it every day
The news aggregator players have passed the google toothbrush test with its usage. More than 70% of the consumers of these apps browse these apps on a daily basis. The key reasons driving the usage has been good quality content which is personalized and available in vernacular options.

Mobile Messenger: Whatsapp leads the pack of mobile messengers in consumer satisfaction
Powered by ease of usage and data transfer speed Whatsapp leads the pack of mobile messengers in consumer satisfaction. IMO and Hike have developed their niche, with IMO being used majorly for video calling facility and hike majorly for the emoticons. IMO users find the video calling facility quite useful as IMO is able to provide high quality video calling at low data speed. Hike on the other hand has different set of users with students and young professionals being the core audience who use it majorly for chatting with friends using the emoticons.
Online Ticketing: The Platforms increase the sales of movie theatres by ~30%
The online ticketing platforms have proven value for both consumer and partners. For the partner movie theatres, they have increased the sales by nearly 30% in metros and nearly 16% in T1. This is a good amount of contribution in metros and we believe there is more room for contribution in T1 cities.
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