The changing food trends and startup strategies that are defining the New Normal

Today, there's a significant switch-over in daily food consumption. People have realised that food sourced directly from nature's bounty is the safest and healthiest snack given the pandemic situation.
The changing food trends and startup strategies that are defining the New Normal

The pandemic has impacted our freedom in multiple ways. Until a few months back, we loved our freedom to travel, to hang out with friends, and even to tear apart the bubble wrap as soon as our order arrived. Whatever we fancied, we simply did it!

The situation is a bit different these days. Just one outbreak and it seems we have completely run out of options. The world seems to be falling apart specifically for the self-confessed foodies. They have, until now, loved to sink their teeth into every deep-fried savory or sugar-laced product. It barely mattered if it was selling on the streets, at restaurants, or the grocer next door as packed, processed food. Now, they ought to be careful.

The Great Revelation: Opening our eyes to the betrayal

COVID showed how effortless prey we are to viruses and the ungrateful role ‘our beloved processed food items’ play in facilitating the same. After all, the connoisseur instincts do no good to us beyond taste.

WHO shared how good food choices, proper nutrition, and hydration can keep COVID at bay. Overall, the pandemic triggered a mass awareness making people realize the importance of hygienic, nutritious, fresh, and home-cooked meals. In fact, innovatively presented food items have been distracting us from the wholesome nutritious, and delicious world of fruits, veggies, nuts, and so forth. Although somewhat by force, we are finally introspecting and changing our food habits for good. Thank God for scientists, nutritionists, doctors, fitness enthusiasts, social media, and startups; people are taking note of the healthy alternatives in diets.

Why fruits and veggies?

Today, there’s a significant switch-over in daily food consumption. People have realised that food sourced directly from nature's bounty is the safest and healthiest snack given the pandemic situation. And, psst! Unlike processed food, they won't ditch us during armageddon as well.

A daily intake of fruits and veggies is now considered as taking care of oneself. And feeding yourself with a healthy meal is a new way of living. The trend of maintaining a healthy diet is having more takers everywhere for a stronger immune system and fighting ‘deteriorating health’ battles.

Besides, staying at home, the DIY bug has got the better of us. We have been experimenting with different but instant recipes of which fruits and leafy greens are an intrinsic part. They are affordable, delicious, healthy, easily available, and look great on Instagram, with or without filters.

All these factors are motivating people to incorporate healthy food habits. Fruits, veggies, and nuts are also a good toss over unhealthy snacking or between-the-meal cravings. Nonetheless, eatables with superior healthy contents are always for a win.

The good news is, with health and wellness becoming the key, people are now more aware of what they eat and how it is procured. A great deal of credit in enhancing this self-consciousness goes to the umpteen benefits of fruits and vegetables. They ultimately lured people out of fad diets. However, we also cannot ignore how new-age FoodTech startups are changing people’s perceptions of healthy diets and the way they are cultured.

Cutting through the Clutter: Options Galore

The FMCG sector is abundant with brands that have been actively working to promote health and wellness. The startups are playing a crucial role today. They are diverting the attention of consumers to healthy food sources while also driving a profitable business during the period of economic downturn. In fact, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst in ushering these young ventures into a whole new era of growth. So, if you are a FoodTech startup, bookmark this article to gain insights on what strategies others are using to make the most out of the situation:

Shout Out Loud: Startups are highlighting stories that talk about their brand and what they stand. They use social media to reach a wider audience over the online marketplace. For instance, a vegan brand is projecting its ‘cruelty-free’ approach to procuring food.

Show Your Utility: Startups are tapping into the niche segment of products and services. Their offerings can be considered as the essential goods serving the needs of customers during the time of the pandemic. It is not about showing how different you are but how relevant you are. For instance, highlight how fruits and vegetables are not the same old food sources but have assumed the role of superfoods during this time.

Develop Strategic Alliances: Collaborations with other corporate firms are providing a frontline cover to all the pitfalls in operations. This is also helping startups attain productive growth over a period of time.

Product Development: Design and innovation go a long way in sustaining a potential customer base. It helps you achieve the targeted revenue within the working dynamics of the business environment.

Market Right: Startups are using targeted digital marketing techniques to attract their loyal customers by designing customer-specific offers for them. It allows them to increase the return rate of a customer and earn desirable profits.

Attractive Offers: Discounts and offers boost sales, acquire new customers, and provide an incentive to the existing ones.

Plan and Organize: To counter the highly dynamic market, create great communication strategies with both employees and customers in mind.

The digital marketplace is a growing one. It’s your time to rise and shine. Just keep these business thumb-rules in mind and you are ready to roll. Godspeed!


This article is written by Rishi Sakhuja, CEO, FruitBox & Co.

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