5 Things Consumers Should Keep in Mind while Buying Jewelry Online

The internet has redefined the shopping behavior of consumers across the globe.
5 Things Consumers Should Keep in Mind while Buying Jewelry Online

The internet has redefined the shopping behavior of consumers across the globe. Digital space has emerged as the new hotbed of advertising, shopping, and commercial activity wherein it is impacting and influencing people’s day-to-day lives at a rapid pace. Consumers are now more comfortable with virtual experiences than a physical ones, as they are adapting to online purchases. 

A scholarly article by Lee and Zhang (2002) suggests that after e-mail usage, instant messaging, and web browsing, online shopping is the third most popular internet activity. 

So, here are the 5 things that consumers should keep in mind while buying jewelry online:-

Buy Only Certified or Hallmarked Jewelry - The benchmark to follow while buying gold online is to look for hallmark certification. Customers need to make sure that the gold they buy is from a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmarked jeweler and the ornament/b coin/ bar carries BIS hallmark. They can also find a list of jewelers selling BIS-certified jewelry on the BIS website. The BIS hallmarking scheme is aligned with international criteria on hallmarking. As per this scheme, registration is granted to the jewelers by BIS under the hallmarking scheme. The BIS-certified jewelers can get their jewelry hallmarked from any of the BIS-recognized assaying and hallmarking centers.

Return and After Sales Service Policy Should be in Favor of Customer - The COVID-19 crisis has led to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior. This has also added an extra responsibility on retailers as they must work hard to meet ever-evolving customer experience requirements to win and remain relevant. To remain relevant in this changing environment, retailers should ensure that the product return policies and after-sales follow-up are aligned with customer satisfaction and customers should always check the return and exchange policies on the shopping platform before placing orders. 

Weight and Color According to the Price in Precious Metal Jewelry - Raw, un-worked gold pricing is based on the karat ratio and the gold weight. It is important to keep in mind the color and weight of the jewelry before confirming the online purchase. Jewelry pricing is generally based on several factors, including weight, design, and craftsmanship. The techniques used in jewelry construction are a key factor in ensuring its durability and flexibility for added comfort and the same factor may tend to increase the gold price for that piece. 

Gold jewelry is mainly produced by machines. Hand finishing and various customizations can potentially also increase the cost. Natural gold is always in deep yellow color with a metallic luster, only when it is alloyed with certain metals it creates various color hues like white, pink/ rose, green and other colors. Before buying online jewelry, one must educate themselves on how the pricing factor differs basis a number of factors, including karat ratio, gram weight, design, and craftsmanship.

Be Sure of the Quality of Product - Often, we tend to judge the quality of the products based only on the photographs but that is how we may get cheated. Many customers who bought jewelry online say that the finishing, metals used in the jewelry do not resonate with the pictures that were posted on the shopping website, and hence, the product is not worth the money. This is because most sellers display photos of the original jewelry and deliver fake ones. Always read about the product descriptions and reviews mentioned on the website before adding the product into the cart.  If product specifications are missing, or does not seem reliable, refrain from that purchase. 

Check Contact Details and SSL Certificates to Know Authentication of Brand to Believe - The acronym SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Building trust and transparent relationships with customers is of prime importance in this age of social media information overload. Brands can effectively do that by upholding a standard of professionalism, protecting consumer data, effective communication, and receiving prominent awards and accolades that add to their credibility. An SSL certificate plays a role in how a consumer judges the trustworthiness of your online store.

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