Chinese story to open 10 franchise outlets- Vaibav Kumarvel
Chinese story to open 10 franchise outlets- Vaibav Kumarvel

What all different types of cuisines you have kept in your restaurant menu?

The Chinese Story primarily serves Indo-Chinese cuisine, with a few selected favourites from across the Orient including Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Japanese.

What all services do you provide in your restaurant under casual dining?

At The Chinese Story, we try to pamper our guests as much as possible without intruding on their privacy. Our staffs are alert and trained to anticipate guest needs. We also have TV, free Wi-Fi and ports to charge mobiles and laptops.

Who are your target customers?

Our location puts us in the vicinity of one of Chennai’s biggest IT hubs with over 50,000 employees in a single campus. There are a number of colleges whose students and their families live in the vicinity of the restaurant. We cater to all of them, providing great food at an affordable price with a comfortable ambience. Most of our dishes need a maximum preparation time of 10 minutes and thus it is ideal for office goers, college students and working people in the area looking for a quick lunch.

How do you see social media as a marketing medium?

Social media and online marketing is one of the major marketing mediums we use to interact with our target audience. We are active on Facebook, Instagram and Zomato. We strongly believe that social media is the primary medium to reach and engage our audience. We are in the process of developing an app as well.

What is your expansion plan?

We plan to open 10 franchise outlets, primarily in tier II and III cities. We also have a kiosk model which we are in the process of implementing; this model has a limited menu and unique packaging that can be consumed on the move, perfect for office goers and people on the move. We have tied up with BPCL in this venture and have positioned our kiosks within their outlets. 

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