Franchising has been the recipe for success at Baskin Robbins- Sanjay Coutinho
Franchising has been the recipe for success at Baskin Robbins- Sanjay Coutinho

Tell us the success story of Baskin Robbins?

Over the last 70 years, Baskin Robbins has been the place for delicious fun treats. Whatever be the occasion, Baskin Robbins has always made the occasion memorable. Baskin Robbins has been a pioneer in the flavour story and has introduced over 1200 flavours globally. The “31” in the Baskin Robbins logo signifies the 31 flavours–a new flavour for each day of the month.

A key factor contributing to the success of the brand is the franchisee network. Baskin Robbins has over 600 parlours in India spread across 145 plus towns. Other factors contributing to the success of the brand are all our partners (logistics, raw material, advertising etc) and a fantastic and committed team.

What new product range you are offering this season?

We have expanded our product offering and are now offering “impulse products”. These are on-the-go sticks, cones and pre-pack sundaes available at retail stores in select cities currently. This range will be taken nationally over the next few months. Besides the mentioned products, we are developing a lot of new product lines that the country has not been exposed yet.

Who do you see your competitors in the market?

Competition to Baskin Robbins is only at a product format level. Over the years, Baskin Robbins has developed a niche of its own and we have our own followers who swear by the Baskin Robbins taste and variety.

What according to you is the top selling product? What is the revenue generated out of it?

We are a brand selling fun and are the world’s largest ice cream parlour brand. Our top selling products are our chocolate flavours as well as the ribbon infused flavours.

What is your marketing strategy that makes people re-visits your outlet?

Our marketing focuses on our consumers and ensures that they come back to us many times every month. Our friendly staffs at the stores, the ambience and product line ensures this. Our “flavour of the month” (a global marketing program) is the longest running marketing program.

Which section of market you love to focus?

Baskin Robbins focuses on Metro and Tier 1 towns nationally.

What is your expansion plan? How much is franchising helping in global expansion?

Baskin Robbins operates on the franchising model globally. We believe that this has been our recipe for success and has created many entrepreneurs. We are 100 per cent franchised, with each owner holding a stake in the business' success, while product development and merchandising are handled at Baskin Robbins headquarters. This hands-on, small business approach allows franchisees the ability to create a strong presence in local communities all over the world.

What opportunities you are seeking from the franchisee?

We seek committed individuals who will operate the business to spread “Happyness”. They must have a passion for customer service and be willing to serve our guests impeccably.

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