What made NRAI introduce strict policy for Restaurant delivery personnel?
What made NRAI introduce strict policy for Restaurant delivery personnel?

An online petition was recently started, urging Zomato to ensure background checks and training for its delivery team to provide a safe food delivery option for women.

While Zomato functions as the technology enabler for online ordering and does not have its own delivery fleet, they do believe that background checks for all delivery personnel should be a basic hygiene factor for restaurant owners as well as last-mile delivery companies.

Pankaj Chaddah, Co-Founder Zomato said, “Safety of end consumers should be a collective responsibility of all involved parties and we should take it very seriously. Zomato does not employ our own fleet of delivery personnel, we just enable users to place their orders online at restaurants, and the restaurant employs delivery boys (or a third-party logistics firms deploys delivery boys), but we understand that this concern is a serious one. We are working with our logistics partners Grab, and Delhivery, to ensure police verification is done for all food delivery personnel, and with NRAI (National Restaurant Association of India) to advise restaurants to do so for their own delivery personnel as well. As one of the leaders in the food industry, it is incumbent on us to drive the importance of ensuring that safety of our users is not compromised and we are all collectively working towards this very important goal.”

Riyaaz Amlani, President NRAI said, "All our members are relentlessly working towards one goal – the growth and betterment of the Indian restaurant service industry. The food delivery segment is a huge chunk of the industry and we (the NRAI) will work closely with the restaurant partners to educate them on the importance of vetting the delivery staff they onboard, as well as the importance of asking their logistics partners to do the same in turn. The NRAI has been instrumental in providing the right guidance and advice to the Indian restaurant fraternity and will continue to do so in the future."

Pratish Sanghvi, Founder, Grab said, “We have mandated a background check and police verification for all our delivery personnel right from the onset. We understand the importance of this, and our responsibility in ensuring that we live up to the trust our partners and customers have placed in us.”

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