Next gen dining experience with loofre
Next gen dining experience with loofre

Loofre, table reservation platform defines the experience of dining in a new way. Loofre is helping restaurants to grow by increasing their footfall, wean the diners to discover the perfect table according to their mood, cuisine, budget, ambience and find the best restaurants nearby with best offers.

Tell us about your journey to become an entrepreneur?

It is  fun to be an entrepreneur, especially when you leave your settled senior level job. Life becomes more exciting and you become crisis management officer. Also, earn all aspect of life, right from admin to business development.

How is the response so far?

Responses are very positive, especially at merchant's end. They want to be a part of this technology solution. They tried our solution during New Year party and most of them were really satisfied. In short span of time, we have  800 merchants and stationed  across metros adding 250 merchants every month.

How is the technology helping restaurant business to grow?

Technology is not for growth of business, but to organise it.. We want merchants to let go the  pen paper model of reservation. Reservation needs to be with technology and data management. Next month, we will be launching a merchant mobile app, which will help in reservation to a next level.

How is Loofre bridging the gap?

We are giving a technology solution for reservation, so that the customers avaoid waiting time. . Restaurant can manage the customers and their database. Through our technology solution will ensure smarter and easier way for booking.

What competition you see from Zomato and others?

Zomato has great products and shows the world that Indian company can do wonders across the globe. They have launched the service and we think there is a requirement of three to four serious players for developing reservation habit.

How many partner restaurant you have presently?

We have 800 and by the end of March we will have 4000 plus merchants.

How quick is the process of booking?

We ensure customers can book within two minutes and confirmation in 15 min. As soon as  we  have the merchant app,  it will be a real time conformation.

What special offers you provide in festivals?

In month of February, we are giving two cups of cappuccino on every booking. On 14th February, we are giving special INR 500 Voucher with every reservation.

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